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DFQ-200W Pneumatic DTH Drill Rig
1. Max. depth: 200m
2. Driling Diameter: 105-203mm
3. Apply for rock hardness: f=6-12
4. High efficiencey working with air compressor
General Description of Drilling Rig

DFQ-200W is a portable type small borehole drilling machine with light weight, high efficiency
and multi-function, widely used for water well drilling, geothermal air-conditioning project and 
other boreholes, especially applicable to mountain area and rock formation water engineering. 



1. Drill up to 200m depth with 105mm borehole diameter
2. Diameter from 105-203mm

3. DTH hammer rotary drilling, fast speed in drill through hard rock areas;

4. Trailer type,easy pulled or dragged;

5. Both can work with mud pump and air compressor. But high efficiency with air compressor 
on hard formation

Video of DFQ-200W Working Site in Argentina

Specification of DFQ-200W DTH Drilling Rig

Item Specification
Drilling caliber Φ105-203mm
Max. drilling depth 200m
Diameter of drill pipe Φ76
Unit Length of drill pipe 3000mm
Work pressure 1.05-2.0 MPa
Gas consumption 10~24 m³/min
DTH hammer DHD350\360
Apply to rock hardness f=6-12
Power 50Kw/2200rpm
Gradeability 25°
Walking speed 0~2.0 Km/h
Ground clearance 215mm
Leg cylinder stroke 900 mm(1500mm)
System pressure 20MPa
Propulsion 5.0 tonf
Lifting force 8.5 tonf
Speed of spindle Fast  105 rpm
Slow  68 rpm
Rotary torque 2200N.m
Weight 5200 Kg
Dimension 3700×1660×2350 mm
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