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3000m DF-H-8 Soil Investigation Diamond Core Drilling Machine
1. 3000m Max. Drilling Depth with BQ Wireline Drilling Tools
2. Full hydraulic work and control system
3. Weichai 276KW Diesel Engine
4. Crawler Mounted type core drill rig

Specifications of DF-H-8 Diamond Mining Drilling Rig
1.DF-H-8 Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig, an up-to-date multi-functional product is suitable to use in plains, hills, high temperature as well as low temperature places.


2.The main machine is integrated in structure, which consists of self propelled chassis, power, mud pump and hoist, etc.

3.It is a kind of wire-line coring,and at the same time has the unique top drive function. The maximum torque is 7200N.m, which will be much more suitable for large diameter drilling in coal bed methane, hydrology and water well.

4.Excellent in performance, high in working efficiency, easy for operation and keep the operators from dangers.

BQ/NQ/HQ/PQ Wireline Drilling Tools

Power Unit


Weichai WP12.375


Drilling Capacity


3000m(9842 feet)


2500m(8202 feet)


2000 m(6561 feet)


1500 m(4921 feet)

Drill Head

RPM of Spindle

Three Shifts;

Stepless Change 0~1250 RPM

Max. Torque of Spindle

7200 Nm(5307 lbf·ft) at 170 rpm

1300 Nm(958 lbf·ft) at 1250 rpm

Spindle Diameter

121 mm(4.76 inch)

Max. Lifting capacity of Spindle

295 kN(66316 lbf)

Max. Feeding Power

152 kN(34170 lbf)

Capacity of 

Main Hoist

Hoisting force (single wire)

180kN(40464 lbf)

Steel Wire Diameter

21.5 mm(0.85 inch)

Steel Wire Length

50 m(164 feet)

Capacity of 

Wireline Hoist

Hoisting Force (single wire)

15 kN(3372 lbf) (bare drum)

Steel Wire Diameter

6.3 mm(0.25 inch)

Steel Wire Length

2800 m(9184 feet)

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