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The drilling rig is a multi-purpose portable all-hydraulic engineering geological exploration rig, which is a rope coring rig with turbine diesel engine as power and adopts full-hydraulic power head drilling mode.
Product advantages
1. Adaptability: The maximum drilling depth can reach 800m, with drilling, sampling, comprehensive logging, hydrological test and other functions;
2, lightweight: the use of mast-type drill frame, modular lightweight design, easy to disassemble, handling, the most heavy module 180Kg, four people can carry;
3. Fast: The drilling rig can be driven at high speed and has high drilling efficiency. The thin-walled diamond rope is used for core drilling, and it has high performance in hard rocking layers such as hard rock, granite and quartz sandstone.
4, high exploration quality: the use of thin-walled drilling tools with full hole and pipe drilling, the core diameter is large, the disturbance is small, the adoption rate is more than 95%;
5. Safety enhancement: Full hydraulic transmission, the system has pressure limiting protection, effectively avoiding mechanical accidents and other safety accidents; no rig design, avoiding the risk of working at height; using straight-connected drill pipe, full hole with pipe drilling, right Generally, the fractured formation has good adaptability, and it is not easy to cause accidents such as boring holes to ensure the safety inside the hole.
6. Cost saving: The integration efficiency is more than 3 times higher than that of the traditional vertical axis drilling machine. It does not need road repair, no basic engineering, less floor space, and can be manually handled; it can save a lot of road repair and young crop compensation costs; easy operation and labor saving. Easy to use

Drilling depth PQ/HTW/NTB/BTW 150M/350M/550M/800M
Hole diameter Rod length 1.5m/pc 123MM/96MM/76MM/60MM
Core diameter   85MM/71MM/56MM/42MM
Power engine Engine model Kubota line 4 cylinders, turbo charged diesel engine
  Rated output 99KW (33KW x 3)
  Rotary speed 2800RPM
  Fuel tank capacity 90L
Hydraulic system Hydraulic type Multiple pump circulation
  Control panel Multi-circlation pressure display, integrated panel
  Cooling method Water cooling
  System pressure 21MPa
  Hydraulic oil tank capacity 50L
Rotate unit Driving type Top driving
  Rotate speed 50-1500RPM continue adjustable
  Output torque 1300 N.M max.
Feeding unit Adjust rang of feeding frame angle 45-90°(standard), Optional 45-90°
  Cylinder feeding stroke 1.8m
  Pulling force
Single/double cylinder
  Thrust force
Single/double cylinder
Flash circulation system Mud pump driving type Hydraulic driving
  Max. Rated flow rate 109L/min
  Max. Rated output pressure 7MPa
Foot clamp Hold method Sliding chuck jaw
  Driving type hydraulic
  Max. opening 127mm
Wireline hoist Driving type hydraulic
  Cable diameter 6mm
  Drum capacity 900m
  Lifting force 26000N max.
  Line speed 260m/min max.
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