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The drilling rig is a multi-purpose portable all-hydraulic engineering geological exploration rig, which is a rope coring rig with turbine diesel engine as power and adopts full-hydraulic power head drilling mode.
The drilling rig adopts hydraulic drive, modular design,a large number of aviation alloy aluminum as main material, light weight and easy to assemble, easy to and disassemble.
The largest module is 150 kg, easy to assemble and disassemble, less space required, does not need to build special roads, does not destroy the surrounding environment and woodland lawn, especially suitable for the completion of core drilling in various harsh environments with high quality, high efficiency and low cost, and plays an active role in geological prospecting and railway engineering prospecting.
The core of drilling tool is raised by the draw-work through the inner hole of drilling piping to complete the core-taking work of geological drilling.

Promery mover Engine model Kubota line 3 cylinders, turbo charged diesel engine
Rated output 24.5KW
Rotary speed 3000RPM
Fuel tank capacity 24L
Hydraulic system Hydraulic type Multiple pump circulation
Control panel Multi-circlation pressure display, intergrated panel
Cooling method Water cooling
System pressure 21MPa
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 30L
Rotate unit Driving type Top driving
Rotate speed 50-1300RPM continue adjustable
Output torque 1243 N.M max.
Feeding unit Adjust rang of feeding frame angle 65-90°(0-90°)
Cylinder feeding stroke 1.3m
Pulling force
Single/double cylinder
Thrust force
Single/double cylinder
Flash circulation system Mud pump driving type Hydraulic driving
Max. Rated flow rate 120L/min
Max. Rated output pressure 2MPa
Foot clamp Hold method Hydraulic clamp
Driving type hydraulic
Max. opening 114mm
Wireline hoist Driving type hydraulic
Cable diameter 5mm
Drump capacity 250m
Lifting force 10000N max.
Line speed 150m/min max.
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