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XY-400P Hydraulic Drilling Rig with 40°-90°
1. Depth : max 400m
2. Diameter: 75-600mm
3. Purpose : water well or geotechnical survey
1. The rig adopts multi-speed gearbox assembly. The vertical shaft has 8 forward and 2 reverse rotations. The design of each gear speed is reasonable. The overall speed control range is wide, which can be applied to the drilling requirements of various formations.
2. The rig is well suited to meet the needs of various high-efficiency drilling processes such as diamond cord coring, impact rotation, directional drilling, continuous coring (sample).
3. Large installed power, large spindle torque, strong bearing capacity, easy to handle various downhole accidents. The mechanical transmission structure is compact, the weight is light, the vertical diameter of the gyrator is large, the support distance is large, and the rigidity of the drilling machine is good;
4. The advanced hydraulic system design makes the joystick centralized, the layout is reasonable and compact, the operation is simple, flexible and reliable; the remote control shifting can be realized, and the operation is more humanized.
5. The hydraulic system can adjust the feed pressure and adjust the feed speed during the control feeding process to meet the needs of different types of formation drilling. At the same time, it is equipped with a bottom hole pressure indicator to facilitate the understanding of the inside of the hole.
6. The normally closed hydraulic chuck of the vertical shaft clamping is hydraulically released. Carbide insert-welded slip structure, large clamping force, long life and reliable operation.
7. The advanced transfer case design makes it easy to operate the vertical axis and the winch independently.
8. The rig comes with a hydraulic rope coring winch, 6.0mm steel wire rope, and the capacity of the rope is 420m
9. Frame type rig with high strength and strong supporting ability, controlled by the tilting tower cylinder, can be automatically tilted to any angle within the range of 40-90 degrees to meet the construction requirements.
10. XY-400F/P/C has 8 grades forward rotation speed and 2 grades reverse rotation speed, wide speed adjustable rang.
11. Compact mechanical transmission structure, light weight, large diameter of spindle bore, hydraulic stabilizer legs, good rigidity.
12. Equipped with the bottom hole pressure indicator, easy to master the situation inside the hole.
13. In order to meet the special requirements of different users, the rig has floor-type, six-wheel trailer type, crawler self-propelled, self-propelled and other special model rigs. The above four models all adopt the latest improved XY-400 host. All adopt hydraulic support legs and hydraulic undulating high-strength rigs to maximize labor efficiency and reduce labor intensity. The actual construction certificate of the user can greatly improve the economic benefits of users. 

1. Main Parameters
Max. Drilling Depth 400m
Diameter of drill pipe Φ42mm,Φ50mm,Φ60mm
Angle of vertical spindle 40°-90°
Drilling capability
Φ75mm drill diameter Max. Depth 400m
Φ108mm drill diameter Max. Depth 350m
Φ127mm drill diameter Max. Depth 300m
Φ168mm drill diameter Max. Depth 250m
Φ219mm drill diameter Max. Depth 180m
Φ273mm drill diameter Max. Depth 150m
Φ400mm drill diameter Max. Depth 100m
Φ500mm drill diameter Max. Depth 70m
Φ600mm drill diameter Max. Depth 50m
2. Vertical Spindle
Rotation speed Forward 8 grades 70, 121, 190, 263, 329, 570, 899, 1241 r/min
Reverse 2 grades 55, 257 r/min
Spindle stroke 600mm
Spindle bore 62mm
Hoisting capability 7200kg
Max. Torque 2760N.m
3. Main hoist
Lifting speed of single wire 0.5-1.9m/s
Diameter of wire rope 14.0mm
Carry capacity of single wire 4000kg
Diameter of winding drum 300mm
Volume of winding drum 50m
Lifting capability of single wire 3000kg
4.Auxiliary Hoist  
Winding drum 140mm
Diameter of steel wire rope 6mm
Volume of winding drum 450m
5. Mud pump(mounted on the trailer)
Horizontal triplex mud pump BW-200II
Displacement 200L/min
Working pressure 50kg/cm² @ 5MPa
Diameter of water inlet hose 65mm
Diameter of water outlet hose 38mm
6.Power supply(choose one between the following two)
Diesel engine(Standard)  50KW (67HP)
Electrical motor(Optional) Y200L-4, 30KW (40HP)
7. Weight and Dimension of main drilling rig
Weight 4200kg
Dimension 4280×1850×2800mm
8.Six-wheel Trailer  
Walking speed Less than 10Km/h
Frame carrying capacity 8.5 tons
Steering wheel 600-14(Single wheel)  0.68 tons
Bearing wheel 650-14(double wheels) 0.9 tons
Minimum turing angle 6.8m
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