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PIW-1000 Borehole Inspection Camera
1. PIW-1000 has Pan 360˚ Dual Rotary camera, it's specializes in deep 1000m well/borehole inspection.
2. With 12" High Brightness LED Monitor and video recording.

I. Dual Camera Rotation Camera

* Camera Size: Φ75mm(Φ50mm Optional)
* Camera Material: 304 Stainless Steel Or Hard Alumina Alloy Shell.
* Camera Window: Explosion-proof Optical Acrylic Glass Or Explosion-proof Glass Window
* Camera Pixels: CCD Camera, 700 TVL High-definition Low-light
* Lens Angle: Round 360° Rotation.
* Camera Light: Φ75mm front 8 high light beads, rear 8 LED strong light source light beads. Φ50mm front 12 high light beads, rear 24 LED strong light source light beads.
* Brightness Adjustment: Front and rear lamp beads, can adjust the brightness of the light source through the button in the control box, five-level dimming.
* Probe Pressure: Pressure 15MPA, the maximum pressure depth can reach up to 1500m

II. Monitor

* 12 Inch LCD Monitor: 291×251×48mm
* Aspect Ratio: 4:3
* Contrast: 450:1
* Brightness: 500 CD /㎡
* Resolution: 1024 x 768
* Power DC 12V
* Color System: PAL/NTSC/SECAM

III. Depth-Counting Cable

* Cable Material: Custom Logging Cable
* Bearing: 280KG
* Outside Diameter: 8.2 mm
* Temperature Tolerance: 50˚ 

IV. Control Box

* Aluminum Alloy Control Box
* Voltage Input: 220V
* Depth Interface: Connect the depth sensor
* Probe Interface: Connect the probe, transmit video and power
* Data Interface: Can be written into well location, well number, can be self-calibration depth
* Video System: 8G SD Card Video System, Max Support 32G
* Depth Zero: Please return the depth to zero before logging, so that the counting is accurate.
* Monitor: 12" High Brightness LED Monitor, Outdoor Visual
* Expansion Interface: Video Capture Expansion Interface

IV. Winch

* Electric Winch: 220V power input, control the speed and probe lift by the control button of the main control box 
* Downhole Pulley: Downhole pulley has the function of depth counting,but need the data line to connect the main control box to use 
* Motor: Permanent Magnet DC Motor
* Winch: Iron Ram Stamping Wire Disc Motor
* Split Docking Probe: Easy to exchange the probes of different size and specification.



Main Control Box Aluminum Alloy Main Machine
Winch Electric Winch
Display Screen 12” High Brightness LED Monitor
Panoramic Probe Duel Camera
Depth Counter Depth accurate to 0.05m
Well Logging Cable Six-core Bearing Pull, Length Optional
Centralizer High Elasticity Stainless Steel Centralizer
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