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Man Portable DTH Rock Drilling Rig DFQ-30T
1. Drilling capacity: 30m
2. Hole Diameter: 70-95mm
3. Power: 35HP(Gasoline engine)
4. Lifting force: 11KN

DFQ-30T mountain rig is a kind of mountain exploration and drilling equipment newly developed and produced by our company on the basis of fully researching and using the needs of customers. It can be widely used in rugged areas such as mountains, deep trenches, underground spaces, tunnels and other small spaces where medium or large rigs cannot enter.

The overall weight of the drill is light with splitting module structure, which is easy to move and transport. It is mainly used for drilling in soil layer and rock layer. It can not only work with an air compressor, but also with a mud pump to realize mud drilling.

Main features:
1. This machine can drill hole at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. It can not only play vertical holes but also oblique holes and horizontal holes, completely changing the disadvantages of conventional drilling machines that can only drill vertical holes.


2. The machine adopts reasonable technical parameters. The lifting force, propulsive force and rotating torque are greatly improved with stronger construction.

3.The main hydraulic components, air compressors and engines are all made by famous manufacturers. They have excellent performance and reliable quality.

4.This drilling rig is divided into 7-9 modules, the largest part of the weight of not more than 75kg, light weight, easy to remove, strong dismantling performance, high disassembly efficiency.

5. Hydraulic system is with Double-pumped oil-hydraulic full-hydraulic control mode, the hydraulic system operation is more simplistic.

6.The hydraulic oil and exhaust system are cooled by independent radiators, which greatly improves the continuous operation capability of the equipment.

7.The rig is driven and controlled by hydraulic system in both up, down, forward and reverse directions, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves construction efficiency.

Parameter of Drilling Rig
Item Description specification Remark
1 Model DFQ-30T  
2 Max. Drilling depth 30m  
3 Drilling diameter 70-90mm For rock ground
75-95mm For loose ground
4 Drilling rod 60*1500mm 2.36in*4.92ft
5 Hydraulic system pressure 20MPa  
6 Rated torque 880N.M  
7 Lifting force 11KN  
8 Feeding force 6KN  
9 Drilling Power 35HP  Gasoline engine
10 Weight 320kg  
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