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400m DFL-400 Borehole Drilling Rig Machine
1. Max. Drill Depth:400m
2. Drill Diameter:150-300mm
3. Drill Pipe: 89*3000mm
4. Drilling Rig for Hard Rock
5. Rotary Torque: 9000N.M
6. Drilling Speed: 10-35m/hr

Various drilling processes are available on this rig, such as DTH drilling, through-air reverse circulation drilling, air lifting reverse circulation drilling, cutting drilling, cone bit drilling, core drilling and so on. Mud pump, foam pump, generator etc. can be added according to customers' requirements.

Main Features of DFL-400 Water Borehole Drilling Rig Machine 

1. Convenient and flexible Full Hydraulic Control System
With full hydraulic control system, DFL-400 drilling rig Can always adjust the rig speed, torque, propeller shaft pressure, anti-axial compression, forward speed, increase speed conveniently and flexibly, DFL-400 DTH drilling rig can meet different geological conditions with different drilling tools.

2. Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig with High Leg Support
You can load DFL-400 drilling rig directly with high leg supports. Crawler walking is much more suitable for moving in the muddy working site.

3. Positive and negative Axle Pressure Regulator
As we know, best impact efficiency requires to match with best axial force and speed . The axle pressure of impactor is increasing as the adding of more and more drilling rods in drilling process, you can adjust the positive and negative pressure to ensure the impact to get best axial pressure. Then you can get the max drilling efficiency.

4. Rig Chassis
May be self-crawler chassis, it can be self-propelled vehicle chassis. DFL-400 drilling rig can be self-propelled crawler mounted, it can also be truck mounted according to your requirements.

5. High Efficiency
Since DFL-400 drilling rig is with full hydraulic system and top-drive rotary drilling and lifting method, which makes the rig be fit for the various drilling techniques and a variety of drilling tools. Manipulation is convenient and flexible. The drilling speed is 10-35m/hr.

6. Low Cost
Down-the-hole drilling bits is used for hard rock drilling. As you know, the DTH rock drilling is high efficiency with lowest cost drilling one meter.

Working Site of DFL-400 DTH Drilling Rig

Configuration of 400m DTH/RC DFL-400 Borehole Drilling Rig Machine
Max drilling depth 400 m
Drilling diameter 150-300 mm
Air pressure 1.05-3.45 Mpa
Air consumption 16-55 m³/min
Rod length 3 m
Rod diameter 89 mm
Main shaft pressure 8 T
Lifting force 18 T
Fast lifting speed 20 m/min
Fast forwarding speed 30 m/min
Rotary torque 9000 N.m
Rotary speed 60/120 rpm
Secondary winch lifting force 1.5 T
High leg stroke 1.3 m
Drilling efficiency 10-35 m/h
Moving speed 3 km/h
Uphill angle 21 degree
Weight of the rig 9 T
Dimension 6400*2080*2800mm
Working condition Loose layers and bedrock
Drilling method Top-drive rotary forward, DTH hammer or mud drill
Suitable hammer Middle and high pressure series
Optional accessories Reverse circulation device, mud pump, centrifugal pump, generator, foam pump
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