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DFJ-2W100 Double Booms Mining/Tunneling Jumbo Drill
DFJ-2W100 hydraulic drilling jumbo is specially designed for underground tunnel mining, metallurgy, water electricity, railways, highways, tunnels etc.

Features of DFJ-2W100 Wheel Undergrond Drilling Jumbo for Mining/Tunneling etc.

1. Hydraulic boom
a. Hydraulic boom with double tripod suspension for accurate hydraulic parallel holding in all directions; Direct, fast, Easy operation, good accuracy and accurate positioning between holes.
b. Telescopic boom make up of the angle when drilling the hole of bottom and top, thus no blind angle left.
c. America HELAC rotary actuators with high rotation torque, high load capacity, no position shift, Compact, good anti-pollution capacity, Heavy-duty and etc.

2. Rock drill
France Montabert rock drill with high hardness, high drilling speed, low drilling tool wastage, low failure rate and etc.

3. Hydraulic feed
a. Heavy-duty aluminium feed with high bending and torsional resistance for maximum durability.
b. Snap-on stainless steel sleeves & polymer contacts.

4. Carrier
Sturdy, articulated carrier with four-wheel drive powered by diesel engine, high speed and flexible transition improved the working efficiency; power steering; Both service brakes and Emergency system brakes; Central lubrication system; Four jacks for stable set up.

5. Control system
Hydraulically controlled drilling system which incorporates the anti-jamming function Rotation Pressure Controlled Feed (RPCF), Impact, Rotation and Feed adopt separate hydraulic pump, independent control loop ensure the stable power output.

6. General
a. Cable reel, control the cable automatic, Save labor and improve the safety.
b. Hydraulically driven telescopic protective roof.
c. Electrically driven piston compressor.

Parameter Underground Wheel Drilling Jumbo DFJ-2W100 for Mining/Tunneling
  Item Specification
Complete machine Overall Dimension(L*W*H)mm 15829x2530x3090/2390
Coverage Area(W*H) m 13.7x8.96
Hole Diameter mm Φ45-φ102
Drill Steel Length mm 3700 4305 4915 5525
Hole Depth mm 3405 4000 4610 5214
Drill Speed m/min 0.8-2
Main Motors KW 2x75
Hydraulic Oil Tank, Volume Max L 350
Total Weight kg  31400
Boom Rock Drill Item HC109(Standard) HC110(Optional)
Feed Roll-over ° ±180°
Telescopic mm 1800
Feed swing angle °  90° 
Feed Extension mm 1800
Carrier  Diesel Power HP/KW 160HP/119KW
Articulated Steering ° ±38°
Tyre Size 14.0 x R24
Rear Axle Swing angle° ±8°
Clearance Axles / Outside Axles ° 17/14
Min.Turning Raduis  m Inner >4.65/Outer >10
Tramming Speed km/h 15
Ground Clearance mm 370
Service Brakes Multi-disc wet brake
Fuel Tank Volume L 110
Air system Max Capacity L/min 300
Air Pressure Gauge  Mpa 0.2-0.8
Water system Max Capacity L/min 100
Water Pressure Gauge Mpa 0.2-0.8
Electric system Total Installed Power KW 165(75x2+4+11)
Voltage V 380/660
Motor rotation speed r/min 1470
Tramming Lights W 8x55  
Working Lights W 2x1000  
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