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DFJ-1R14 Single Boom Jumbo Drilling for Tunneling
DFJ-1R14 jumbo drill apply to mining and tunneling
1. Coverage area(width×height) m: (standard boom) 2*2~4.65m*3.75m (lengthened boom).
2. America Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic control system.
3. The oil tank is at high position.
4. Suitable for small tunnel construction.

Description of Rail Mounted Drilling Jumbo DFJ-1R14

1. DFJ-1R14 rail type hydraulic drilling jumbo is mainly used for tunnel of mining and metallurgy and tunneling project of culvert. The drilling speed is 0.8-2 meter per minutes. The design of whole machine is strong. The machine is small and with compact structure, low center of gravity. The traveling type is rail, which is very suitable for small tunnel section with rail system.

2. Improve the quality of smooth blasting. Our company design it ourselves and get a patent for mechanical translation boom which makes the propulsion beam keep balance in all direction. It can locate the hole position directly, quickly and accurately. All the holes are parallel, no need people to correct. It is easy to operate and can improve the quality of blasting.

3. The oil tank is at high position. It can keep cleanliness of oil and reduce the risk of hydraulic system failure.

4. The hinge joint of machine breaks through the traditional design idea that the rail wheel, machine and chassis are whole, which reduce the turning radius greatly. Two hydraulic motor connects the rail wheel directly, and control and drive the rail wheel to realize responsive control.

5. Adopts rotary reducer and spiral swing cylinder to form cross steering joint, so there is no blind angle in any angles of the tunnel face, top, side and bottom of the tunnel section.


6. DFJ-1R14 drilling jumbo is equipped with Chinese brand drifter. It is economical and can drill hole fast. Imported America HELAC Rotary Actuator with high torque, high bearing, fits, tight spaces, high anti-pollution, long durability.

7. Adopt drilling control system and manual four direction handle to control the boom to move translation. It is equipped with anti jamming function and gradually pressure boost system, which makes it work more stably, reduce the drilling bits consumption.

8. The design of whole machine is strong. The machine is small and with compact structure, Low center of gravity, flexible, single power, low energy consumption, low noise, which can improve working environment and improve construction efficiency and quality.

Technical Parameter of DFJ-1W14 Rail Mining/Tunneling Jumbo Drilling
  Item Technical data 
Whole machine  Over all dimension L*W*H mm 8362×950×1413             
With platfond height 2190
Drilling diameter mm φ38~φ102
Drilling rod length mm 2475
Drilling depth mm 2100
Drilling speed m/min 0.8~2
Adopted tunnel(W*H) 2×2~4.3×3.5
Whole power kw 39.2
Whole weight kg 7200
Chassis  Min turning radius m 6
Traveling speed km/h 3
Working gradient ≤5°
Drilling arm Arm No. 1
Up down Up 45° down20°
Swing arm  Left 31.5° right31.5°
Swing angle Inner 90° outer90°
Rotary Positive180° negative180°
Propeller Downward upward Downward35° upward 10°
Conpensation length mm 1400
Full length mm 3792
Length mm 2100
Max Propusion N 7500
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