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Pile Driver
DFR-128A 45m Piling Driver Machine
DFR-128A 45m Rotary Piling Rig
Max. Depth:45m
Hole diameter: 600-1600mm
Power: CUMMINS engine  112KW
DFR-128A pile driver is for hard rock geological condition

Introduction of 45M Pile Driver
DFR-128A pile driver adopts telescopic mast which has simple structure, high durability,low cost and makes the repair more convenient.

The power head adopts high position-oriented frame structure guarantees the verticality of kelly bar,which makes construction more convenient, and improves the working efficiency and safety. The power head adopts unique patented structure, which features low cost,not easily damaged and convenient for repair.

Main winch: it adopts originally imported Italy hydraulic motor.It is more flexible and can be lowered freely,and the lifting speed is up to 70m/min, which greatly improves the work efficiency.The main winch is allocated at the front right of the operator,so the operator can observe its work condition and avoid twisted ropes.

                       Parameter of Piling Machine Type   DFR-128A
Max drilling depth 45m
Max drilling diameter 600-1600mm
Overall measurement
Working dimensions 7435mm*3200mm*5632mm
  Transfer dimensions 15005mm*3200mm*3417mm
Machine Weight 38500kg
Engine Model B 5.9-C Cummins(USA)
  Rated power 112KW
  Type Turbocharged direct-injection
Rotary drive Max.torque 60/120kn.m
  Rotation speed 38/20rpm
Crowd cylinder Max.push 150kn
  Max.pull 100kn
  Max.stroke 3000mm
Main winch Max.line pull 120kn
  Max.line speed 70m/min
  Rope diameter 24mm
Auxiliary winch Max.line pull 60kn
  Max.line speed 50m/min
  Rope diameter 18mm
Leveling around Adjust the angle column ±3
Chassis Max.traveling speed 2km/h
  Min.ground clearance 500mm
  Width of track shoes 800mm
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