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DFR-630 30m Rotary Piling Machine
DFR-630 30m Rotary Piling Rig
Max. Depth:30m
Hole diameter: 300-1200mm
Power: CUMMINS engine  86KW
DFR-630 is for hard rock geological condition

Introduction of 30M Pile Driver
1. Using the entirety optimization design project, DFR-630 piling machine could be integrated transported without removing the drilling rod,simplify working and transportation, conversion,reducing the freight cost.

2. Unique power head design, DFR-630 pile driver not only could be equipped with the friction drill rod for common soil layer,but also could be equipped with interlocking drilling rod for hard rock geological condition to reach the wide range of construction.

3. With advanced electronic adjustment system for mast and depth, DFR-630 pile driver can detect the verticality and borehole depth at any time

4. With strong imported engines and efficient imported hydraulic system, DFR-630 piling rig is with highly efficiency, and enhance the stability and reliability, increase lifespan. 

Technology Parameter of DFR-630 Pile Driver
1.Overall measurement
MAX Drilling depth 30m
Maximum open hole caliber 1200mm
End hole caliber 300mm
Working dimensions 11148mm*2600mm*5816mm
Transport dimensions 102685mm*2600mm*3217mm
Machine Weight(not include pipe and rill) 25000kg
2. Engine  
Model B 3.9-C  Cummins(USA)
Rated power 86kw
3.Rotary drive  
Torque 55kn.m
Rotation speed 0-22rpm
4.Crowd cylinder  
Max.pressure peak pressure 100kn
Max.pull 80kn
Max.stroke 2000mm
5.Main winch  
Max.line pull 80kn
Max.line speed 40m/min
6.Auxiliary winch  
Max.line pull 30kn
Max.line speed 20m/min
7.Electronic management system  
Long distance monitor system Available
Drilling record system Available
On car printer Available
8.Hydraulic system pressure 300
Chassis modality Fixable
Track width 600mm
Can collection drill pipe Φ299*5
10.Speed (optional) 45rpm
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