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DFJ-1W24 Single Boom Underground Jumbo Drills for Mining/Tunneling
DFJ-1W24 jumbo drill apply to mining and tunneling, such as metal mine, hydro-power tunnel, railway, Highway national defense and other underground areas. Hydraulically controlled with one boom.

Product Application

DFJ-1W24 jumbo drill is applied to mining and tunneling, such as metal mine, hydro-power tunnel, railway, Highway national defense and other underground areas. 

1. Wheel single boom drilling jumbo can apply to the excavation drilling in the mining, hydro-power tunnel, railway, road and other underground tunnels. it is full hydraulic drilling and traveling with diesel engine

2. The hydraulic parallel holding can make sure the hold depth and space between, and improve the quality of blasting

3. Telescopic boom can make up of the angle when drill the hole of bottom, thus no blind angle left

4. The standard configuration with imported drifter and rotary actuators, stable performance and high efficiency.

5. The hinge of heave-duty chassis, diesel engine four-wheel drive high traveling speed for transitions. the diesel engine and drive axle are international brand, double brakes for traveling and emergency braking.

6. The cable reel can save the labor and improve the safety.

Drill speed could reach 0.8-2m/min and diesel engine drive the tyre-carrier Travel, the traveling speed can reach 6.5km/h. Wheel type carrier can realize flexible traveling, fast movement forward and backward

8. Special hydraulic boom with double Tripod suspension for accurate hydraulic parallel holding in all directions.

9. The system automatically stop compact at destination, with functions of anti-jamming, water mist Flushing, easy operation, safe and reliable.

Parameter of Single Boom Wheel Underground Jumbo Drilling Rig for Mining/Tunneling
  Name Parameter
Total Dimension(LxWxH) mm 11304x1420x2727/2127
Adaptable section(bxh) mm 2.5x2.5-5.2x4.37
Borehole diameter mm Ø36- Ø76
Drill rod length mm 3090
Borehole depth mm 2795
Drilling speed m/min 0.8-2
Hydraulic oil tank L 120
Weight kg 11000
Drill boom Jack drill model  HYD200
Rotation ° Positive 180/Reverse 180
Thruster bow/face upward   ° bow95/face upward3
Stroke mm 1550
Thrust force KN 12
Diesel engine power HP/KW 87/64
Turn angle   ±40°
Tyre 8.0x R20
Rear axle swinging Angle   ±7°
Clearance axles/outside axles 15°
Min.turning radius m inside>3.08/outside>4.85
Walking speed km/h Level road>14;1:8 gradient>4.0
Min. ground clearance mm 307
Fuel tank capcity L 45L
Air supply system Flow L/min 260
Working air pressure Mpa 0.2-0.8
Water supply system Flow L/min 35
Working water pressure Mpa 0.8-1.2
Supply voltage V 380/660
Motor speed r/min 1483
Accumulator V/Ah 2 x 12/ 120
Traffic lights W 4x65
Working lamp W 2x65
Electrical system V 24
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