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Portable Drilling Rig Equipment SJ-20 for Jet Grouting Construction
DFJ-20 Jet Grouting drilling rig is mainly for soft soil reinforcement and foundation improvement, waterproof grout curtain, mostly applied in dam, tunnel opening, railway, etc.
Max. Drilling Depth:20-50m
Drilling Diameter: 400-1600mm

Main Features of DFJ-20 Jet Grouting Drilling Rig for Constrution

1. Save working space: Through adjusting the height of the machine, DFJ-20 jet grouting drillin rig is available to work in indoor space. And it is very convenient to move or remove the machine since the max weight of big part is only 300kg.

2. Applicable for wide range of layer: The maximum output torque of DFJ-20 jet grouting drill rig can reach 2000 Nm; the max pull-out force can reach 21kN. This drilling machine can perform drilling by using hard metal drilling bits, DTH hammer, roller bits, etc. DFJ-20 jet grouting drill machine can perform direct drilling construction in a majority of layer and then carry out
jet-grouting drill for stake forming.


3. Applicable for wide range of processing: Except for jet-grouting processing, DFJ-20 jet grouting drilling rig can also be applied in anchoring processing construction.

4. Relative accessories: You can choose to purchase suitable accessories according to the development of the construction situation, such as single, double and triple module, swing jet and fixing jet module, anchoring module.

5. Convenient for maintenance and operation: The operation is much more convenient, as we adopt full hydraulic technology and take down some important breakout on key technology link. For example, we add adjustable level module in jet-grouting lifting and anchor drilling.

6. Complete set of drilling tools: We develop a large number of jet-grouting drilling tools to meet various demands of our clients in accordance with market demand such as drill of single, double, triple, swing jet and fixing jet.

Working Site of DFJ-20 Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

Specifications of Portable Drilling Rig Equipment SJ-20 for Jet Grouting Construction
Hole angle 0-90 degree
Drilling Depth(m) 20-50m
Drilling Diameter(mm) Single: 400~600,
Double: 600~1200,
Triple: 800~1600
Output torque (N.m) 2500
Output speed (r/min) 0-6,0-20(adjustable) 6,20,40,50,120,150
Lifting force of power head(KN) 21
Feeding force of power head(KN) 15
Lifting speed (m/min) 0-1.1(adjustable)
Plus-pressure speed (m/min) 1.5, 9
Stroke of power head(mm) 1800
Electrical motor power(KW) 18.5+1.5
Working dimension L*W*H (mm) 3045*1370*3060
Transport dimension L*W*H(mm) 3045*930*1500
Weight (kg) About 1400
Mounting type Bulk type integral type
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