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DFHD-1000 Trenchless Drill Rig
1. Feed/Pull capacity: 1045Ton
2. Diesel Engine: 4*405KW Volvo Sweden
3. Rotation Torque: 95-190KN.M
4. Penetration angle: 8-16 degress
DFHD-1000 integrated with the advantages and characteristics of various HDD rigs in China and abroad, is a high-sufficient drill rig manufactured by us based on more than 10 years designing experiences.
Equipped with the diesel engine kit and separate power station, the drill rig is powerful enough to deal with various problems. The all new
DFHD-1000 provides 1045T feeding&pulling force and Max. 210000N.m. Torque to gain successful performances. The rack and pinion transmission system is designed with advanced technology, which ensures much more reliable and safer movement of drill head. The high-quality crawler makes it possible for drill rig to move quickly. The operator's cabin is with wide field of view and good sound insulation. All sorts of monitoring gauges are mounted in the cabin, which makes it simple to operate the rig. A crane with capacity of 4 tons is attached with the main machine to ensure convenient working for operator.


Feeding (traveling)
Rated feeding / pulling capacity 990T
Max. feeding / pulling capacity 1045T
Feeding / pulling system rack and pinion
Traveling driven by ten gears, 4 shifts stepless adjustable 36 m/min   1st shift: 36 m/min
18 m/min   2nd shift: 18 m/min
17 m/min   3rd shift: 17 m/min
8.5 m/min   4th shift: 8.5 m/min
Rotation of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
Rotating system gear transmission, stepless adjustable
I shift torque 190000Nm @50r/min
II shift torque 95000Nm @100r/min
Power of HDD Drilling Rig FDP-1000
Manufacturer Volvo, Sweden
Ratings 394×4 kw/2100r/min
Running state Feeding / pulling and rotating could achieve the max, performance parameters above.
Power for main machine Ratings 145KW/2100r/min could be chosen by client's demand.
Hydraulic system Close type system for feeding, pulling and rotating, open type load-sensing system for auxiliary circuit.
Chassis of HDD Drilling Rig DFHD-1000
1. Platform type, with hydraulic cylinders
2. On crawlers with traveling speed 1.5Km/h.
Crane of HDD Drilling Rig DFHD-1000
6T straight arm crane
Drill rod of HDD Drilling Rig DFHD-1000
The length of drill rod should be within 10.5 meter.
Shackles of HDD Drilling Rig DFHD-1000
Adjustable distance, accurate and reliable screwing-off, automatic centering
max. screwing on torque 210000Nm
max. Screwing off torque 420000Nm
Drilling angle 8°~ 16°
Accessory of HDD Drilling Rig DFHD-1000
Pressure, flow rate, rotating speed etc. could be seen in operation cabin for easier analysis while drilling.
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