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DFHD-120 130T Trenchless Drilling Rig
1. Max. Feed/Pull capacity: 1300KN/130T
2. Diesel engine: 390KW Weichai Power
3. Penetration angle: 8-16 degree
4. Rotation Torque: 30-60KN
DFHD-120 130T Trenchless Drilling Rig is with full hydraulic drive, double-speed track chassis; double low-speed motors drive power head dual-speed drilling, structure is simple but advanced; rack and pinion drive system, stable and reliable movement.the mast can adjust the opening angle in 8° -16°range, innovative and unique mobile device in front and back; low gravity, good stability; equipped with an auxiliary crane; cab is equipped with air-conditioner, providing a comfortable operating environment. The main components are using world famous brand, such as diesel engine, hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, and reducer. Low-emission diesel engine, professional noise reduction design to make the rig more suitable for urban construction. The rig control technology with leading international standards, so that no-load condition power drill consumption to a minimum.
Propulsion (walk) drive
Max. Feed/Pull Capacity 13000KN
Feed/Pull System pinion-rack type, 4-gear-driving move, two stall
stepless speed regulation
Gear I: 8m/min
Gear II: 24m/min
Rotary drive gear drive, gear driven, stepless speed regulation
Torque of Gear I: 60000Nm@45r/min
Torque of Gear II: 30000Nm@90r/min
Brand Weichai Power
Rated data 390kw/2100r/min 
Operational State Propulsion/pullback and rotation can achieve the maximum performance targets set rated
Operating Room
Automotive air conditioning, steering bench
Crawler track link
Dimension and Weight
Dimension 14.5m*3m*2.85m
Weight 35T/30T
Mast buried angle
Environmental standards and services
Engine emissions and noise performance: EUROⅡ (European standard No. Ⅱ)
Drill rod 5”
Drill holder shackle device
Shackle automatic centering holder shackle is full migration
Caliper/shackle clamp Adjustable spacing, shackles accurate, stable and reliable.
Shackle automatic centering holder, shackle is full migration
Maximum torque on the buckle 70000Nm
Maximum torque of shackle 140000Nm
3T crane
Rig Mast
14 m with 9.6 m long drill rod / 10.5m with 6m drill rod
Hydraulic mud pump (optional)
Full hydraulic drive, stepless adjustable flow
Flow 0-1000L/min
Pressure 0-8MPa
Crawler track link form
Pressure, flow, speed, etc., more than 10 digital display data for analysis and judgment during the construction problems and situations
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