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DFHD-68 Trenchless Drilling Machine
1. Feed/Pull capacity: 680KN/68Ton
2. Diesel Engine: 239KW CUMMINS Engine
3. Torque: 13.5-27KN.M
4. Penetration angle: 8-16 degree
DFHD-68 Trenchless Machine is with full hydraulic drive, double-speed track chassis; double low-speed motors drive power head dual-speed drilling, structure is simple but advanced. rack and pinion drive system, stable and reliable movement; the mast can adjust the opening angle in
8°-16°range, innovative and unique mobile device in front and back; low gravity, good stability; equipped with an auxiliary crane; cab is equipped with air-conditioner, providing a comfortable operating environment. The main components are using world famous brand, such as diesel engine, hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, and reducer. Low-emission diesel engine, professional noise reduction design to make the rig more suitable for urban construction. The rig control technology with leading international standards, so that no-load condition power drill consumption to a minimum.
Main Machine
Power WeiChai243kW / Cummins 239KW
Feeding/pulling system 680/680kN
Roted rotary torque 27000N.m(45r/min)
Rotary speed of main shaft 0-45r/min
Feeding stroke 6m
Pilot hole diameter φ240mm
Drilling angle 8-16°
Walking speed 1.5-3.0km/h
Structure type Steel crawler, Motor rack and pinion feeding, cab, crane, mud pump are integrated on one.
Crane 2 tons direct-arm Crane
Dimension 9000×2750×2800mm
Weight 22000kg
Mud pump
Model BWF-600
Max. Water flow 600L/min
Max. Pressure 8Mpa
Weight 650kg
Pulping system Optional
Auxiliary System
Drill rod φ102×5000mm
Pilot drill bit φ170(φ230)mm
Reaming bit φ425φ500φ680φ760φ820φ920φ1000
Transfer case 80T
Guide instrument Optional 
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