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DFHD-32 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
1. Pull/Push capacity: 33Ton
2. Max. Torque: 13000N.M
3. Engine Power: 145KW
4. Applications: municipal, electricity, telecommunications, water, gas, oil, gas, heat trenchless laying of pipelines etc.

Specification of DFHD-32 HDD Rig

DFHD-32 directional drilling rig is driven with full hydraulic system, propelled with its own crawlers. With reasonable structure, easy operation, high efficiency; main hydraulic components, motor and mud pump all selected and adopted from domestic famous-brand products as auxiliary equipments; with durable rubber belts of crawlers, the rig is suitable for moving in the city with no injury of pavement. And the rig could get on and off standard trailer on its own and it is quick and convenient for transportation and allocation. With low center of gravity, the rig is durable and reliable and in good stability with graceful structure.
1. municipal, electricity, telecommunications, water, gas, oil, gas, heat trenchless laying of pipelines.

2. The level of precipitation for the project.

3. Control Project for the bad environment (contaminant seepage treatment).

4. For long distance Forepoling project.

5. The basis for special treatment and advanced drilling and other pipe jacking project.

1. The key parts and auxiliary components are selected and adopted from famous-brand products at home and abroad.

2. Adopted stronger power and low noise of diesel engine, the rig is more suitable to be applied for performance in the city.  

3. With high torque and stable performance, the drill head is driven by four parallel motors in two speeds.

4. Adopting duplex motors speed reduction gear mechanism, the drill head is in the same capacity of feeding and pulling backward and in high and low, the two speeds.

5. With wired remote control, the track assemblies are easy to operate. And it is safer for getting on and off the trailer.

6. The mud pump is driven hydraulically with mechanical gear shift/stepless speed change. The displacement could be adjusted flexibly according to different geological conditions and performance techniques.

7. Adopted the rod, 73mm in diameter and 3 meters in length, the drilling tools are complete in matching accessories and could be produced in accordance with the requirement of clients unusually.

8. Equipped with hydraulic outriggers, the rig could be adjusted to balance and stability with convenience and easiness.

9. Equipped individually of mud processing unit, adopting injection and recirculation storage procession method, the efficiency will be increased and the intensity of labor will be decreased.

Working site of DFHD-32 HDD rig in Cambodia

The Main Machine
Power of Engine Weichai Deutz 145kW
Max. Push capacity 330kN
Max. Pull capacity 330kN
Rated Torque 13000N.m
Spindle RPM Lower 0-48r/min
High 0-96r/min
Feeding Stroke 3300 mm(130 inch)
Diameter of Guide Hole φ130(165)mm
Drilling Angle 0°20°
Pressure of hydraulic system 20Mpa(2901 psi)
Traveling speed 2-2.6 km/h(6560-8528 feet/h)
Structural Style integrated with rubber crawler and mud pump
Dimension (L×W×H) 5820×2250×2400mm
Weight 8400 kg
Mud Pump
Specification BW-250
Max. Discharge 250 L/min
Peak Pressure 7 Mpa
Mud Process System
Data of engine 4KW(5.4HP) petrol engine
Pump parameter KGP30、30m3/h
Mud processing capacity 6 M3/h (212 feet3/h)
Mud Tank 2M3 (71 feet3/h)
Drilling tools and auxiliary system
Specification of Rod 73×3000 mm(2.87×118 inch)
Guide Bit 130 mm or 150mm
Reamer 325;400;500;600;720mm
Distributor 40T(88200 lb)
Tracker Optional Part
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