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300m DFQ-300A Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig
1. Drill Depth: 300m max.
2. Drill Caliber:115-273mm
3. Drill Pipe Length: 3000mm
4. Drill Pipe Diameter: 89mm
Specification of DFQ-300A DTH Rock Drilling Rig
1. Engine system adopts popular brand. Diesel engine drives full hydraulic system.
2. High efficient DTH hammer drilling. Air compressor offers air supply and washing slags. Different hammer and DTH bit are equipped with different drilling diameter.
3. Self-propelled crawler structure with easy mobility. Crawler is steel type with long service life and wide applications.
4. Rotation uses USA brand motor, double-point driving, small volume and big torque. Rotary speed can be adjusted with working condition, efficiently improving DTH hammer speed.
5. Propelling and lifting adopt oil cylinder and chain structure, safe and stable. Drilling axial compression and speed can be adjusted to improving efficiency.
6. Hydraulic system is equipped with independent hydraulic oil heat radiator, ensuring smooth working in hot weather.
7. Hoist can lift 0.8t drill tools and accessories.
8. Four high standing legs can balance drill rig quickly, and finish loading work.
9. Drill rod elevator and hydraulic winch make it safe, convenient and quick to load drill rod, reducing labor force and improving working efficiency.
10. Unique centralizer design, combines with gradienter, ensuring open hole accuracy and verticality.
11. Pressure system is specially designed with high pressure oiler, greatly lengthen DTH tool service life.
12. Compensation skateboard protects drill rod screws, improving drill rod life.
13. Air seal is with special structure and wear compensation, good quality and durable usage.
14. Power head assembly moving is changing from sliding to rolling, with better locating and longer life.
DFQ-300A 300m depth used pneumatic hydraulic rock drill for sale
Item Parameter
Drilling caliber 115-273mm
Max. drilling depth 300m
Diameter of drill pipe 76/89mm
Unit Length of drill pipe 3000mm
Work pressure 1.2-2.6MPa
Gas consumption 16-30m/min
Impacter DHD360\380
Diesel engine 56KW/2200rpm
Electric motor 55Kw/1480rpm
Gradeability 21°
Walking speed 0~2.2 Km/h
Ground clearance 265mm
Leg cylinder stroke 800 mm(1500mm)
System pressure 20MPa
Propulsion 4.5 tonf
Lifting force 8 tonf
Fast lift 18m/min
Fast propel 35m/min
Hydraulic winch lift 800kg
Rotary torque 3300-4000 N.m
Speed of spindle Fast 0-105rpm
Slow 0-65 rpm
Weight 6500 Kg
Dimension 5400*2100*2300 mm
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