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DF-400S Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Water Borehole Drilling Machine
1. Usage:water well, manholes, precipitation wells, geothermal air conditioning hole and other drilling exploration projects
2. Drilling Depth: 400m
3. Borehole Diameter: 115-355mm
Drilling Caliber:115-355mm
DF-400S Multifunctional water well drilling rig is a kind of high efficiency versatile full hydraulic crawler type drill rig. It has features like advanced structure, easy to use, safe and reliable. It can impact drill with compressed air or rotary drill with mud according to different geological conditions.

The rig is widely used in water wells, manholes, precipitation wells, geothermal air conditioning hole and other drilling exploration projects. It can also used for geotechnical engineering foundation reinforcement, pipe-following drilling for gravel and other loose stratums, hard stone borehole and other projects

DF-400S Drilling Rig Technical Parameter
Weight(Kg) 9000
Dimension(mm) 5960×2150×2650
Caliber(mm) 115-355
Max depth(m) 400
Walking speed(Km/h) 0-2.5
Grade ability(°) 25
Ground clearance(mm) 300
Work pressure(MPa) 1.6~2.46
Air consumption(m³/min) 16~30
Leg cylinder stroke(mm) 1600
Drilling speed(m/h) 5-30
Diameter of the drill pipe(mm) 89/102
Lifting speed (slow)(m/min) 8
Lower speed (slow)(m/min) 0.5~16
Lifting speed (fast)(m/min) 38
Lower speed (fast)(m/min) 80
Rotation speed(r/min) 0~100
Rotary torque(Nm) 6500
Power(Kw) 85
Apply for rock hardness(f) 6~20
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