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HDD Drill Rig Continuing...
Profile of HDD Drill Rig

The HDD drill rig is short for horizontal directional drilling rig, and also can be named trench-less directional drilling rig. HDD drill rig is an automotive travel drilling rig by means of rubber crawler. It is powered by hydraulic pressure. It is designed by advanced technology and has a simple and convenient structure. Besides, the drilling dig has a stable performance, high efficiency and low oil temperature. 
Its main hydraulic component, motor and mud pump are domestic famous brands. As for the main machine, it is equipped with rubber crawler, which is solid and anti-wear. Thanks to the rubber crawler, the HDD drill rig, or horizontal directional drilling rig can work in the urban area. It can also move from the standard trailer by itself. This ensures the HDD drilling rig can move around easily in the drill site. This also ensures that the trench-less directional drilling rig can work within the possible drilling angle.


The horizontal directional drilling rig is made up of main part, the mud pump, the mud-making system and the auxiliary tools.

                                                              HDD Drill Rig

                                                               HDD Drill Rig

                                                                 HDD Drill Rig
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