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How Customer Say about DFJ-1W31 Jumbo Drill?
Project Location: Hefeng County, Kaiyang Town
Project Profile:Roadway excavation, no turning radius, roadway cross-section size 18.18m (wide) *10.63m (high), hole diameter 40mm.  
In use, especially in comparison with traditional pneumatic drills, DFJ-1W31 jumbo drill embodies the absolute advantage of mechanization.
Taking the section No. 1 of Zungui Expressway as an example, the upper and lower guide excavation is also about 120 boreholes, the depth of 4 m borehole footage, smooth blasting and three rows of guns in two days. Traditionally, 14 people need 12 pneumatic drills, while only two equipment and three people need to use with DFJ-1W31 jumbo drill; 12 pneumatic drills take about two hours for a row of guns, and two equipment for about two hours.
Most importantly, using DFJ-1W31 jumbo drill, when the operator works, it is 6-7 meters away from the working face, and there is no case of flying stones injuring people. By this way, personal safety has been improved a lot.
Moreover, the use of this equipment can strictly control the phenomenon of "over-excavation and under-excavation", improve the quality of construction, reduce or even avoid unnecessary cost expenditure.
Besides being more efficient and economical, the reliability of DFJ-1W31 jumbo drill has been fully verified. So far, there has been no breakdown in the use of the jumbo. When the service time is more than 20 days, the fragile parts such as water seal, drill bit and drill rod need not be replaced except the drill tail has been replaced once by the horizontal reason of the operator, and the stability is self-evident.

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