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DEFY DFJ-3W180 Three-Arm Tunnel Jumbo Drill
Project Info.

Work site: Leijiapo Tunnel of Zheng-Wan Railway, Chongqing
Working Conditions: The tunnel is 8.3 km in length, 14.5 m in width and 8 m in height. There are three types of surrounding rocks with rock hardness (> f9) and roadway. Using our DFJ-3W180 three-arm tunnel jumbo drill to accomplish the task.


1. Labor cost saving. Only needing 4 persons to operate, 2 hours to finish 4m drilling. Comparing previous manpower work, which needing 12 persons and takes 4 hours after drilling 4m.


2. High efficiency with low consumption. Finishing 280m with 78 days, using up four drill rods, four drill tails, three connecting sleeves and two oil pipes.


3. Low power consumption. Hand-holing requires opening 4-5 110 kW air compressors and using about 1700 kW electricity for complete cross-section drilling. The motor power of DEFY mechanical model DFJ-3W180 three-arm tunnel jumbo drill is 3*75 kw, and the total cross-section electricity is about 400 kw.




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