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Defy Well Drilling Rigs

At Zhengzhou Defy Mechanical&Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. we very proud of our high level of customer
service,when you call our number, we will try our best to help you with your Defy Drilling Rig.Zhengzhou
Defy has a full parts and technical support department that is here to serve your needs. At Defy we realize
that keeping you and your Defy drill rig working is our top priority

Zhengzhou Defy has exported the water well drilling rig for several years and export water well drilling rig to
more than 45 countries.  We have the expertise to ship around the world or assist you in exporting our
drilling equipment. 
Every Defy product is guaranteed and comes with full technical and engineering support. 
Please call or email Defy with your well drilling or engineering questions.

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