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Why Do We Need to Use Trenchless Technology?
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Why Do We Need to Use Trenchless Technology?
Why do we need to use trenchless technology?

HDD drilling rig is widely used in pipeline laying and other underground projects nowaday. But do
you know why we have to use trenchless drilling rig to do that? There are some reasons as follows:

1. we need to drill through the rivers, lakes, important traffic arteries and building sometimes for
pipeline laying, replacement and restoration under non-excavation condition.

2. Social Reasons: trenchless drilling can solve the interference of the traditional excavation
on the normal life of residents, damage and adverse effects on the basis of traffic, environment
and surrounding buildings.


3. Economic Reasons: there are good economic and social benefits, trenchless pipe laying,
replacement and repair costs are lower than the excavation method of construction, the larger
the diameter, the greater the depth, the more obvious.

Working site of 45ton pull/push capacity HDD Rig from DEFY

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