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Water Well Drilling Rig Maintenance
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Water Well Drilling Rig Maintenance
Use and Maintenance for DFQ-100, DFQ-200, DFQ-300DFQ-400,
DFQ-500 DTH Water Well Drilling Rig

In order to extend the service life of drilling rig, the drilling rig should be operated and
maintained by skilled technicians.

How to operate Drilling Rig 
1. Start the engine. Proceeding to next step with engine running 10-20 mins

2. Manipulate the left and right control handle of traveling motor to move the rig to the working site

3. Manipulate the up-and-down cylinder to lift and fix the drilling tower

4. Manipulate the handle of support leg to lift the crawler away from the ground, fine-tuning the four support leg to make sure the drilling rod vertically.

5. Manipulate the handle to rotate drilling rods, hammer and bit by gyroscope, open the air supply valve, push the bit to touch the ground slowly, and then begin to drill

Dos and Don’ts when operate and maintain DTH drilling rig
1. Forbidden illegal operation under the tower to avoid person injury

2. Blow all the foreign matters in air-supply hose, inner rods and joints before and after working.

3. The working pressure should be more than 1.05MPa.

4. Forbidden reverse during drilling to avoid rods, hammer and bit falling into the borehole

5. Adjust timely if you find the track offset to avoid stuck

6. Pay attention to the diameter changes when you replace the bit. Do not need to replace the bit if wear-hole of bit has not drilled yet.

7. Do lubricate maintenance in accordance with the requirements strictly to Make sure the drilling rig always be in good working condition.

8. Check the self-lubricating parts with oil cup every two hours. Check the engine and supplement the fuel once a week.

How to choose lubricants for drilling rig
Choosing principle: choose high viscosity lubricants if the temperature is high, otherwise, choose low viscosity lubricants. It is recommended to select the following lubricants:
Name No. kinematic viscosity mm2/s freezing point Temperature
Machinery oil 20# 17-23 -15℃ -10-10℃
Machinery oil 30# 27-33 -10℃ 5-20℃
Machinery oil 40# 37-43 -10℃ 15-35℃
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